Interaction between the digital and physical world

Brooklyn-media also bridges between your digital media assets and the physical world. We look at ways of presenting your digital audio and video assets in a given space, so that maximum attention is given to the content. How do we do that?


It can involve :

- Designing software for interactivity between sound, images and the physical space

- Desgining and implementing systems for multi-channel sound diffusion

- Designing and fabricating novel ways of displaying video


In all our installations, aesthetics are not compromised in favour of technical considerations. Each space and each project is assessed for its uniqueness, and a custom solution designed for it. Come to us if you don't want a one-size-fits-all solution.


Lack of space?


If your text, sound and images have to interact with users within a confined space, we can also design and build custom kiosks to do the job. Whether you need fresh ideas for your project or have ideas that you can't quite execute, talk to our team.




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