Getting the right message to the right audience

To better support customers whose media assets we migrate, catalogue or otherwise process, we began to provide transcription, translation and subtitling services in 2005.


Since then, language services has become an integral part of what Brooklyn-media does. We've localised websites, product brochures and catalogues for well-known brands such as InFocus and 3M with a strong focus on the Asia Pacific market. Our team have also been called upon to transcribe corporate videos with English accents from West Africa to New Zealand to a high degree of accuracy.


Our team of wordsmiths also perform research, copywriting and copyediting services. While we're happy to craft documents on just about any topic, we've ended up specialising in two seemingly unrelated areas : high-tech industries,and the arts (with a special focus on history.)


The agile team at Brooklyn-media are ready to take on projects of any size - from 50 word eDMs of for clients like Incase, 3,000 word case business studies for Intel, to high volume the transcription projects totaling more than 800,000 words for the National Heritage Board, or 200 page product catalogues.

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