Media Migration and Format Conversion

In an era where new devices and new formats are introduced at a frenzied pace, precious resources run the risk of becoming obsolete or inaccessible. Whether your media format that is being threatened by technology obsolescence, mould, or you simply need an extra copy, come talk to us about your archival and migration needs.


Brooklyn-media has been migrating and processing audio and visual content for people serious about content preservation since 2004. We've processed thousands of hours or audio and video in a variety of formats for the National Archives of Singapore, the National Library Board, the National Museum of Singapore as well as Singapore Press Holdings.


At Brooklyn-media, we understand that the usability of any collection depends as much on the quality of the accompanying metadata as the quality of the content itself. Apart from capturing media at high-resolutions, Brooklyn-media can restore and enhance your audio, video or still images and convert them to multiple formats that enable optimum usage.


Over the years, we've developed software and processes to help our customers catalogue and track large collections of media files. Our browser based solutions provide an audit trail for the media files as they undergo various stages of migration, meta-tagging and QC checks.


Content Creation

Apart from the ability to transform your existing media files from one format to the other, our creative team are able to conjure up montages based on the existing content or conjure up new sound and video resources to complement your existing collection.


We can create custom animation, motion graphics and soundtracks for any occasion. Tell us about your project or contact us for a showreel.


Recording Services

As part of our regular set-up, we now have a recording booth suitable for voice-over reocrdings on our premises. In addition to being able to provide complete solutions for your voice-over needs (from pre-recorded announcements to full audio books, you can also book the recording booth (with recording engineer) at an hourly rate. Our set-up is simple, but effective. It's simplicity enables us to keep the costs low and set-up times short, so you can be in and out with your recording quickly. All recorded takes can be transferred digitally to the customer the end of the session. If you need assistance with editing, mastering or sound design, talk to our engineers during your recording session.


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