"So you do websites then?"

Well, yes, we can do websites, but we'd rather the websites DID something.


What does that mean? It means we focus on creating websites that are used for something other than displaying information. The simplest example of a website that does something is an e-commerce site. (See example) So yes, we create onlines stores, (and maintain one ourselves).


More importantly, we create site that fill the gap between large established systems. Quite often, different groups such as suppliers and customers or even within a large organization need to share information that is updated regularly. Instead of being confused by multiple excel spreadsheets or email updates that cloud actual visibility and control of the information.


Quite often, it's easier to create a data-driven website that allows each party to view specific information that is updated easily and regularly. Hosting the website on a neutral server also helps speed up deployment where it might difficult to get new services created on large, existing systems since new services may require extensive assessment and planning, prior to integration.


Examples of how such custom sites can support your business operations:
  • - for asset management where assets
  • - project/issue tracking hosted externally
  • - provide reporting and audit trails between multiple parties
  • - provide web-based data collection interface for roving sales teams


We provide IT solutions for problems that are too complex for business users to take on, but too small for big IT firms or off-the-shelf packages to address. Find out more from us, and discover how a simple IT solution my solve a bothersome process issue.



Hosting and Support


Because we deploy many web solutions for our customers, we also resell and hosting services for small companies. Our hosting plans come with generous storage capacity of 100GB, unlimited email accounts, and many other attractive features at a very competitive price of just S$13 a month! If your business growth is driving greater capacity and technical demand, but your budget doesn't cater for hefty IT bills, talk to us! We can help you migrate from your existing host to our servers so you can enjoy the benefits of higher capacity, more features without hefty investment.


If you're a start-up company or a novice user, you can also opt for our basic 1GB hosting plan. At just S$8 a month, this basic plan comes with 10 MySQL databases, and unlimited email accounts, webmail access and many other advanced features that the enterprise plans have.


Best of all, our servers have an average uptime of over 99.995% since 2003. Contact us to discuss your web and hosting requirements. Let our pragmatic team find you a solution that fits!

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